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Partner / Senior Sales Agronomist

Richard is a Partner and Senior Sales Agronomist here at NTS Rural. He played a big part in establishing the company way back in 2007, and under his watchful guidance has seen the company grow into an integral part of the local community. Richard grew up in both the Shea-Oak Log and Freeling areas, and has accrued over 25 years experience in the farming industry. He is a relaxed, and easy going fellow whom prides himself in embracing change, whilst offering his wealth of knowledge and experience to his customers, and endeavours to see his clients business' become profitable and sustainable.

Richard has keen interests in a variety of sports, as well as thoroughbred ownership. He is a past President of the RSMU Football Club and remains involved as a committee member. He enjoys spending his spare time with his friends and family, specifically his wife Shannon, and three children William, Kelsey and Mitchell.

Richard believes that the most satisfying part of his job is seeing his clients develop successful and profitable businesses. He cherishes the personal relationships and trust that has been established with his clientele since the inception of NTS Rural, and encourages you to do business with NTS Rural, as "we are a local, independent, mature business that care about our clients!"

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Partner / Manager

Jason is a Partner/Manager here at NTS Rural and came on board in 2018. Having grown up in the Clare area, and been in Kapunda for the last 20 years, he brings some 23 years worth of industry knowledge to us. Jason is an honest, loyal and hard working individual with experience in procurement, sales, and managing people. He takes great satisfaction in seeing his staff develop in their roles, whilst helping NTS clients grow and develop their businesses.

Jason lives a hugely active lifestyle with keen interests in AFL; (Involved with Kapunda Football Club), Golf, Cricket, Basketball, Horse Racing and Agriculture, but is a family man at heart, enjoying spending time with his wife, Tab, and three children, Ruby (8), George (7), and Sadie (4).

Jason has a passion for building healthy relationships with his staff and customers and is an advocate for expanding NTS Rural's customer base as "we are a local business, staffed and run by local people whom make local decisions with our clients always front of mind. We offer a broad range of quality products, backed by local knowledge, from quality people whom provide quality service!"

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Partner / Salesman

Dwayne is our mobile Salesman that is based out of Mallala and has been with us since 2010. Growing up in Owen with an ongoing interest in agriculture, Dwayne brings over 20 years industry experience to NTS Rural and prides himself on being an honest, reliable and loyal bloke. He specialises in Animal Health and General Merchandise and thrives on helping our customers with all their business necessities.

Dwayne enjoys the outdoors, and can usually be found camping or watching his children, Jacob, Mackenzie, Rileigh and Lucas playing sport. Dwayne is also heavily involved at the Mallala Football Club, and he also enjoys spending time catching up with friends and family in the company of his wife, Peta.

Dwayne cherishes the laughs and friendships that he shares with our customers, and is proud to be able to help our clients productively within their businesses. Dwayne reckons you should come and do business with NTS Rural as "we keep business simple and provide good old-fashioned service complimented by a broad product range and local people!"

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Partner / Fertiliser Sales

Andrew is a Partner in NTS Rural and was one of the pioneering founders of the company, back in 2007. With over 25 years experience in farming and Agribusiness, Andrew is also a 4th Generation 'Logger' that grew up in the Shea-Oak Log area. Andrew specialises in Fertiliser Distribution whilst also maintaining an avid interest in pig husbandry and farming.

Supported by wife Kendel, and children Angus (9), and Harriet (7), Andrew finds the success of NTS Rural immensely satisfying, having seen the company develop into a successful, local business that has the capacity to compete on an equal footing with the larger, corporate companies. Quite simply, Andrew implores you to deal with NTS Rural as "we offer a quality product, with quality service, backed by quality local people!"

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Sales Manager - Mallala

Dave is our Sales Manager at our Mallala branch. Dave joined us at the beginning of 2018 and has a lifetime of experience in farming, having grown up on a farm in Pinnaroo. Dave has spent some time up in Renmark, whilst developing a broad range of skills across a variety of farming practices, including general farmhand duties, animal husbandry production management, and contract broadacre spraying. An honest, loyal, conscientuous man, Dave prides himself on being well organised with a strong work ethic, whilst maintaining a cheerful attitude towards what he does.

Dave enjoys his sport almost as much as the time he spends with his wife Kerri-Ann, and children Tahlia, Kobe and Taia. Dave is Assistant Coach for the Mallala Football Club 'A' Grade side and Under 17 Coach. Dave also takes an interest in people, which is prevalent in his polite, social demeanour.

Dave enjoys the variety of work and personalities he gets to deal with on a daily basis whilst working at NTS Rural, as it always puts a smile on his face. Why should you come and do business at NTS Rural, Dave says; "we are great forward thinking, local people that provide a positive customer experience and deliver an amazing service!"

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