We stock and can advise on all your broadacre cropping requirements. Be it granular or liquid fertilisers, herbicide, insecticide or fungicide products for broadacre winter crop, or solutions and products to generate valuable feed for your animals, we have you covered.

We proudly stock the following;

  • Granular Fertilisers - MAP, DAP, Urea, Single Super and all prescription blends. Available for pick up from Adelaide or our Shea Oak Log Depot

  • Liquid Fertilisers - Easy N, seed dressings, liquid starter fertiliser, foliar fertiliser, trace elements

  • Pre-Emergents & Knockdowns - Sakura, Boxer Gold, Glyphosate, Trifluralin, Avadex, Propyzamide, Terbyne Extreme

  • Post Emergents - LVE MCPA, Talinor, Clethodim, Paradigm

  • Fungicides - Cereal fungacides such as Amistar Xtra, Taser Xpert, Opus (epoxiconazole), tebuconazole and propiconazole. Pulse fungicides like carbendazim, chorothalonil, Sumisclex and mancozeb


At NTS Rural we proudly stock the following;

  • Pet Food

  • Chaff and Hay requirements

  • Twine and Netwrap

  • Ammunition

  • Boots

  • and much more

We can also assist with any other General Product, so give us a call with any questions.


Strategies for maximising your productivity and profitability are our specialities. We specialise in the following;

  • Soil Testing

  • Tissue Testing

  • Managing Pest & Disease Pressures

  • Maximising your farming returns

Come in and speak to either Richard or Brad, as the above are their expert fields.


NTS Soil Solutions has partnered with NTS Rural to increase our soil sampling service available throughout South Australia.



Your animal health and nutritional needs are covered with NTS Rural. We stock all of the latest drenches, vaccines, supplements, shearing and lamb marking requirements and more;

  • Vaccines - Glanvac 6 & Glanvac 3 ranges, Eweguard, Weanerguard, Scabiguard, Eryvac, Gudair

  • Internal & External Parasite Drenches pour on & injectaable) - Clik, Clikzin, Avenge, Extinosad, cyromazine, Hat Trick, Maximus, Cydectin

  • Woolpacks

  • Ear Tags

  • Combs & Cutters

  • Hand Pieces

  • Horse/Dog wormer

  • and much more in stock


Fencing for all sorts of livestock is covered at NTS Rural, such as the following;

  • Timber posts & railings

  • Variety of steel posts and strainer assemblies

  • Solid range of fabricated fence

  • Plain and barbed wire fencing

  • Electric fencing , energisers and accessories

  • a variety of fencing tools to necessitate your fencing requirements


Look no further than NTS Rural for your farm water needs. We stock the following;

  • Rolls of Poly Pipe

  • Concrete/Poly/Galvanised Water Troughs

  • Rainwater Tanks & Pumps

  • A variety of Irrigation Fittings


Here at NTS Rural we can also help you with any finance or insurance queries. We use a third party provider, but speak to us directly to find out how we can help you today.


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