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NTS Rural can offer a soil sampling service available throughout South Australia.

NTS can offer grid sampling of soil pH, Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen, etc., as well as a complete soil analysis test and deep Nitrogen test with the ability to split sample depths if required.

By grid sampling paddocks, this allows us to generate soil maps, add prescriptions and format into variable rate files which can then be uploaded into any variable rate controller.

Soil Acidity and the Importance of pH

Soil acidity is a severe soil degradation problem that can greatly reduce the production potential of broadacre cropping and pastures in agriculture. Soil acidification occurs naturally and is also a consequence of productive farming systems.

Soil pH has been recognised by the agricultural industry as one of the largest controllable constraints to broadacre cropping and grazing in South Australia.
By mapping soil pH variability, this enables agronomy to be targeted more specifically, therefore allowing the targeting of lime application only to where it is needed.

The Basic Process is;

  • Map paddocks on a 1-2 hectare grid

  • Take 20 soil cores per sample

  • Samples sent to APAL Labs in Adelaide for analysis, each sample is lab tested ensuring the most accurate results in this field.

  • A Upload results to our mapping software which will allow us to generate variable zoned, prescription and variable rate maps which can then be exported in any format for variable rate spreading.

We believe by mapping paddocks and being able to variable rate or target spread, we can focus on inputs such as lime to production areas that need it and apply optimal rates accordingly. By doing this we are focussing inputs where they are needed most and delivering maximum returns on investment to farmer clients.
We are excited to be in this space, as we think we can add great value and return to our current and future customers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or if you would like to get some paddocks mapped



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